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Heathcote Williams New Book For 2 June 2015

Badshah Khan Cover

Thin Man Press is delighted to be publishing this timely and important ‘poetic investigation’ by  Heathcote Williams (‘Whale Nation’, ‘Falling for A Dolphin’, ‘Autogeddon’, ‘Royal Babylon’…).

With the media full of Islamic extremism, relentlessly coupling Islam with terrorism, Heathcote Williams brings us a different story – the amazing life of Afghan Pashtun leader, Badshah Abdel Gaffar Khan, who founded the world’s very first ‘Peace Army’ with 100,000 unarmed ‘soldiers’. A devout Moslem and revered spiritual guide, this champion of world peace was a close friend and companion of Mahatma Ghandi. Gaffar Khan spent much of his life as a political prisoner, and was tortured by the British; yet he lived well into his nineties, tirelessly committed to his ‘jihad’ of peace, kindness and gentleness, which Williams depicts with clarity and passion.

Publication date: 2 June (Full Moon) 2015

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