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American Porn
by Heathcote Williams


N.B. Cover image may change prior to publication

Publication date 20 January 2017

This collection of polemic poems by Heathcote Williams lifts the veil on the surprising origins of the United States of America and the history of the nation’s governance, which is, according to Williams, steeped in violence, arrogance and corruption. The collection begins with a poem marking the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the USA.

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Liggers & Dreamers
by Josie D

“This year’s funniest adventure… A hilarious romp through the Art World.”

                Sophie Parkin, novelist and author of ‘The Colony Room’

Liggers front cover internet use

Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior
by Heathcote Williams

Fifty first edition copies signed and numbered by the author available now click here

Badshah Khan Cover

A book-length investigative poem from the author of ‘Whale Nation’ about the amazing life and legacy of Badshah Abdel Gaffar Khan, Islamic Peace Warrior and friend of Mahatma Gandhi. As the violent excesses of Muslim extremist groups dominate the media, Heathcote Williams brings us a timely account of another face Islam. Badshah Khan founded a 100,000 strong unarmed ‘Peace Army’ during India’s 1940s sectarian conflict. This devout and prayerful Pashtun giant of a man’s legacy as a spiritual guide and champion of world peace lives on in the hearts of millions of Muslims.
Read more about the book here.

‘Badshah Khan was a more remarkable leader than Mahatma Gandhi…Williams’s easy to follow account outlines the story of this heroic figure about whom too little is known.’ Independent

‘Badshah Khan:Islamic Peace Warrior deserves to be a best-seller… especially now.’ Professor Paul Rogers writing in Open Democracy.

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 The One & Only: Peter Perrett, Homme Fatale
by Nina Antonia

with a new introduction by John Cooper-Clarke

A few copies signed by Peter Perrett available now from Thin Man click here

O&O Cover for internet use

‘The One & Only: Peter Perrett, Homme Fatale’ is a roller-coaster ride through one of rock’s wildest, most unpredictable careers as well as Peter and Zena Perrett’s amazingly enduring 45 year marriage. Granted full access to the reclusive Only Ones front man and everyone who matters in his story, Antonia unflinchingly traces his path from privileged childhood to drug dealer; from musical obscurity to decadent rock icon submerged in narcotic slumbers in an antique-filled mansion… before the dream spectacularly fell apart.

‘A richly detailed account that effortlessly negotiates Perrett’s private peccadilloes and his public life.’ Mojo

‘Riveting Stuff…’ Record Collector

Read more about ‘The One & Only’ here

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From Albion to Shangri-La
by Peter Doherty


Peter Doherty’s long-awaited follow up to the Books of Albion.
Journals and tour diaries, from 2008 – 2013.

A pocket book full of surprises… poetry, observations, anecdotes, love, hope, remorse, regret, music, adventures & hallucinations.

‘Drug-fuelled rantings.’ Mail on Sunday

Read more about ‘From Albion to Shangri-La’ here

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by A.A. Walker

Publication date 23 September 2014

Licentia front cover hi-res

‘Licentia’ came from nowhere and astonished us. It’s an erotic, hallucinogenic, dramatic prose-poem that embroils the reader in a kaleidoscope of intersecting relationships and events. Baroque characters in a variety of guises people a dream that tugs at the heart strings with surrealist abandon, grace, excitement and wonder.

‘Imagination unbound, Licentia is the enemy of conformity. Read and be free. As intoxicating as a thousand years of incense and poppies; A. A. Walker has fulfilled the poet’s eternal calling.’ Nina Antonia, music writer, author, Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood, and The New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon


by Danny Garcia

clash_coverWhy the band imploded at the top of their game by Mick Jones and others who were actually there

‘Featuring the heights of tragedy and comedy worthy of a Shakesperean drama.’ Chris Salewicz, author, broadcaster, journalist and official Joe Strummer biographer


by John Constable

Spark in the Dark front cover

Poetry and dramatic prose-poetry including the mind-blowing Wennefer set in a south London nightclub and not for the faint-hearted. This a first collection by Southwark Mysteries playwright and ‘urban shaman’ John Constable aka John Crow.


by Nasser al-Bahri, bin Laden’s personal bodyguard

GBL cover medium

 The memoir of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard


by Louis Aragon


Louis Aragon’s surrealist classic in a special art-house edition with complimentary CD featuring extracts from the work set to musical soundscapes by Tymon Dogg and Alex Thomas.

‘A leftfield treat’. Thomas H. Green, journalist and rock critic


mayakovsky cover 001

Elsa Triolet’s memoir of the great Russian poet and Futurist

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