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Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior by Heathcote Williams

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A book-length investigative poem from the author of ‘Whale Nation’ about the amazing life and legacy of Badshah Khan, Islamic Peace Warrior and friend of Mahatma Gandhi. As the violent excesses of Islamic extremist groups dominate the media, here is a timely account of another face Islam…

Badshah Khan founded a 100,000-man ‘Peace Army’ during India’s 1940s sectarian conflict. A devout and prayerful man, whose legacy as a spiritual guide and champion of world peace  lives on in the hearts of millions of Moslems. This Pashtun giant of a man spent much of his life in jail for his political beliefs, and was tortured by the British; yet he lived well into his nineties, tirelessly committed to his ‘jihad’ of peace, kindness and gentleness, which Williams depicts with clarity and passion, deftly employing the sensitive economy of poetry.

‘Badshah Khan:Islamic Peace Warrior deserves to be a best-seller… especially now.’ Professor Paul Rogers writing in Open Democracy.

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‘Glorious, rowdy, indignant, vers libre,’ William Golding

Whale Nation is brilliant, cunning, dramatic and wonderfully moving.’ Ted Hughes

Autogeddon is terrific,’ Harold Pinter


Heathcote Williams assured himself of a place among the most notable writers of our time with his best-selling polemics Whale Nation, Sacred Elephant, Falling for a Dolphin and Autogeddon among others. A prolific writer, nature enthusiast, political activist and uncompromising observer of the human condition, Williams lives in Oxford.

In 2011, Heathcote Williams received the Edinburgh Festival  Glasgow Herald ArchangelLifetime’s Achievement Award.

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