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About Licentia


By A.A. Walker

Licentia is an erotic, psychedelic romp through altered states and parallel realities.

This prose poem is so unusual and so beguiling it will make you see purple…


Licentia Front Cover


‘Imagination unbound, Licentia is the enemy of conformity. Read and be free. As intoxicating as a thousand years of incense and poppies; A. A. Walker has fulfilled the poet’s eternal calling.’

— Nina Antonia, music writer, author,
Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood, and The New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon

‘Licentia has a compelling staccato lyricism recalling Dylan’s ‘Tarantula’ in its hallucinogenically layered and fast moving narrative. An hypnotic Beat Fable whose protagonist seems collaged in fragments into a whirlwind present day scenario created from disorientating romantic desires and unreliable memories of distant times.’

— Alan Rankle
British Artist

‘once in a while i receive work by which i am so impressed that i cannot make any satisfactory comment – please accept my apology – i can only say that your work speaks my innermost language. your writing takes the reader where he has never been and leaves him hungering for more.’

— August Highland, editor, Muse Apprentice Guild, San Diego

‘Engaging and challenging writing’

— Peter Phillpot, editor, Great Works

‘Throughout, there are any number of wonderful turns of phrase, delightfully unexpected details, and clever obfuscations’

— Matthew T. Anderson, fiction editor, 3rd Bed Magazine

Reviews of ‘Licentia’

‘I read Licentia as a poetic novel — A literary experiment in time and story. A. A. Walker has dexterously met the exciting challenge of expressing the inexpressible.’

— Thachom Poyil Rajeevan
, Poet, Novelist, literary reviewer for The Hindu

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