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Busy Start to 2017

It’s a flat out start to 2017. First up, we are publishing Heathcote Williams’s reponse to the election of Donald J. Trump – ‘American Porn’ on inauguration day (20 January). The eye-catching (not to say gag-making) cover is designed by Colin Gibson. The first 50 signed and numbered copies of this historical publication sold out within minutes of being announced online. The book is distributed by Central Books and Signature are representing it.

Then there is the French edition of Peter Doherty’s ‘From Albion To Shangri-La’. Managing Editor Susan de Muth has been advising on the translation which has been beautifully done by young Parisian poet, Thomas Baigneres. Rumour has it that the Libertines front man is designing the cover himself. It’s due out in February so he’d better get a move on!

More later!

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