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Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior by Heathcote Williams


Thin Man Press is delighted to be publishing this timely and important ‘poetic investigation’ by   Heathcote Williams (‘Whale nation’, ‘Falling for A Dolphin’, ‘Autogeddon’, ‘Royal Babylon’…).

With the news full of Islamic extremism, terrorism and the steady rise of the ‘Islamic State’, Heathcote Williams brings us a different story – the amazing life of Afghan Pashtun leader, Badshah Abdel Gaffar Khan, a devout Moslem, revered spiritual guide and champion of world peace who was a close friend and companion of Ghandi. Gaffar Khan spent much of his life as a political prisoner, and was tortured by the British; but he remained committed to his ‘jihad’ of peace, kindness and gentleness, which Williams relays with clarity and passion.

We still have a few copies signed by Heathcote Willliams (of just 50, numbered) available for purchase at £8.99 + p&p here

Publication date: June 2 2015

‘Badshah Khan:Islamic Peace Warrior deserves to be a best-seller… especially now.’ Professor Paul Rogers writing in Open Democracy.

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5 comments on “Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior by Heathcote Williams

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  3. Gulalai Tajuddin
    May 29, 2015

    No doubt Khan Abdul Ghaffar khan is a legendary Pushtoon non-violent leader and he through his practice of what he preached set the foundation of simplicity in pushtoon culture. He is a man for all times as back in that age of illiteracy he raised his voice for the rights and education of Pushtoon men and women equally. So today we Pushtoon owe our freedom to him.

    • susandemuth
      May 29, 2015

      Thank you so much for your comment. If anyone knows of any Pashtun organizations, writers, publications, magazine, newspapers etc we could contact to let them know about Heathcote Williams’s account of Badshah Khan please let us know. We feel it is such an important book and message in these turbulent times.
      With best wishes
      Susan de Muth

  4. ajmalkhan
    May 31, 2015

    what a great book it will be, should be a must read, Youcan contact Badshah Khan Trust in Peshawar, they could include this book into thier school system

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