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by Josie Demuth

Thin Man Press

Paperback and e-book

Publication date 25 November 2015

The Liggers of Cork Street are dismayed when they discover the existence of ‘the list’ warning London’s elite gallerists and art dealers about their freeloading antics at private views…

Fast moving, vivid and fun, Josie Demuth’s novella charts the outrageous adventures of a motley crew of liggers determined to enter the elite galleries and contemporary art organisations that would rather not have them. From a 70 year-old grandmother to a moneyed aristocrat and a teenage pop princess, the characters tumble across the pages while Demuth gently satirizes the modern art world and the lucrative market it has engendered.

What they say about ‘Liggers & Dreamers’…

“This year’s funniest adventure… A hilarious romp through the Art World.”

                Sophie Parkin, novelist and author of ‘The Colony Room’

“Josie Demuth’s ‘Liggers and Dreamers’ are picaresque, outrageous characters… They display the idler’s zest for living and add to the gaiety of nations.”

          Heathcote Williams, author ‘Whale Nation’, ‘Autogeddon’, ‘Royal Babylon’ et al

You can buy a preview copy here:


Innovative with no time for baloney…tongue in cheek and fiercely observed.’

          Rooms Magazine, September 2015

“Among the champagne bubbles, the often cruel world of contemporary art is gently and hilariously satirized in ‘Liggers & Dreamers’… brilliantly observed with a deft simplicity of style.”

          Geraldine Beigbeder, international art dealer and novelist

“Josie Demuth has written a cracking social commentary classic for our times.”

          Claire Palmer, Editor, International Times

“Thoughtful… with lots of broad satire, in-jokes and slapstick,”

          Dickon Edwards’s Diary At The Centre Of The Earth, September 2015

You can buy a preview copy here:

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