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Review of The Rise and Fall of the Clash DVD

“This documentary impresses with inside information and shows the rise and the fall ‘ from huge success down to dismantling themselves. The DVD contains a host of previously unreleased material and interviews. Directed by Danny Garcia and co-produced by David Mungay (editor/writer: Rude Boy, A Bigger Splash) ‘The Rise And The Fall Of The Clash’ was filmed in 16:9 HD color and runs 90 minutes.

How did it happen that at the top of their fame and success The Clash was able to self destruct? The film includes interviews with the likes of founding member Mick Jones, Pearl Harbor (ex-wife of Paul Simonon), David Mingay and Ray Jordan ( ex-Bodyguard The Clash) etc etc etc”

You can get the paperback of the film – with the complete script and the story of how it got made – from Thin Man Press at a special discounted rate (i.e. THIS SITE! Just go to ‘Shop’ for secure shopping zone ) or from Amazon.

Review in Music News 11 February 2014

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