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Four New Books for 2014

Exciting times at Thin Man Press! Four new books announced for 2014.

This Spring we are privileged to publish the works of two established and distinguished world-class writers – Abdel Bari Atwan and John Constable.

London-based Palestinian author and journalist, Abdel Bari Atwan, is the former editor of leading Arab independent newspaper, Al-Quds Al-Arabi. Atwan is currently taking the Arab world by storm with his new venture, digital news platform Rai al-Youm. We are proud to be publishing a collection of his recent political and personal writings, charting the failures and disappointments of the ‘Arab Spring’ and turbulent times for  Atwan himself as he resigned the editorial post he had held for 25 years and started all over again. Publication date 15 April 2014

Next, we are proud to publish A Spark in the Dark, the first collection of poetry by British playwright and author John Constable whose Southwark Mysteries has become a modern classic. Publication date 20 May 2014

Also coming soon, Licentia, by A.A. Walker:  a brilliant, hallucinatory, erotic, rock and roll prose-poem.

And, just in time for a noir Christmas, the first ever English translation of Parisian underground cult classic Cop Killers (Tueurs de Flics)

Cop Killers is a cynical, humorous and extremely dark piece of writing by Frédéric H Fajardie. It was Fajardie’s debut ‘noir’ novel (1979) and is loosely based on the myth of Orestes.

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