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Oxford Afternoon With Heathcote Williams

Heathcote portrait B&W

Thin Man went to Oxford to collect the first batch of the beautiful jewel of a book ‘Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior‘, and spent a very happy afternoon with the author, Heathcote Williams.

The great man signed and numbered just fifty copies of the first edition after tea in a sun-drenched, blossom-filled garden where he shared vivid anecdotes and handy tips for getting on in life.

Any telephone cold caller to Thin Man HQ will be getting the Heathcote treatment from now on:
“I did as you said and I’m looking at the body now… what do you recommend I do next?”

or… “Can I have your home number please?”
“Er… why?”
“So I can call you when you’re just about to eat your supper…”


To purchase one of the fifty copies Heathcote signed, please click cover below or here

Badshah Khan Cover

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