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‘Made of Light’ by Tymon Dogg

made of light cover

‘Made of Light’ will be released by Thin Man Music on 20 October, distributed by Proper. You can buy a preview copy from our ‘record store’ page.

It was mastered by Nick at Soundmastering – he did a brilliant job as always…

Tymon wrote all the tracks, with the exception of ‘Pound of Grain’; Tymon had written the draft and recorded a version of it to give to Joe Strummer so they could work it into the Mescaleros’ set just before Joe’s untimely death. The concept that it takes so much land to produce small quantities of meat protein was something that really wound Joe up – he was a vegetarian while Tymon is a hardcore Vegan!

We went for a double CD format, the rationale being that on a vinyl album you have two sides… Tymon reckons that people need a break and to decide whether to listen to the second side now, later or whatever….

We hope you enjoy the album and there are more to come in the near future…

You can buy preview copies from

After the release date it will be also available from all good record stores and from Amazon

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